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Hi, I’m Maddy, and I have been practising and studying in the realms of intimacy, relationships and bodywork over the last decade. My sessions span tantric and sexological bodywork and relational life therapy. I am inspired by the pleasure, the empowerment, the healing and the integration this work offers to the masculine and feminine. As unique as our fingerprints, are our sexual/erotic histories, proclivities, and experiences. In common though, we all wish for that feeling of radical aliveness that a healthy connection to our sensual energy and authentic relating bestows us. Busy lives, sexual blockages, intimacy and health challenges, conflicted relating can dim that vital energy . . .but it doesn’t have to.

My approach is gentle, non-judgemental, empathic and of utmost integrity. I am gifted at intuiting and guiding the energy in a session to create trust, healing, pleasure, openings or whatever is right for you in the moment. I touch with presence, an open heart and an intention for you to reconnect with your natural flow and life-force such that it ripples into deeper intimacy and more fulfilment in your life.

Whether you are seeking to enhance your knowledge and skills, or to bring more wholeness, or to experience more deeply your own erotic  potential, my sessions will have something for you. I have benefited from gifted guides, teachers and masters along my  journey and it’s an honour to share these teachings with my clients. It aligns me with what I am most truly passionate about: supporting the consciousness of the planet towards wholeness.



My background, originally, was catholic (long-since lapsed), corporate, and quite conventional. Feeling straight-jacketed by all of this, I re-routed away from a finance-related career to a field in which I felt strong personal interest: human relationships – how to understand them, improve them, feel alive and vital in them. A desire for greater depth and breadth in my own life and a reconnection firstly to myself – spiritually, sexually, emotionally – catalysed an exploration of meditation, tantra, breath-work, shamanism, mindfulness and conscious sexuality. As well, the role of quantum physics, biochemistry and psychology in promoting conscious, loving relationships were areas I explored.

Each individual has their path to personal power, insights and freedom and today, there is a richness of modalities to support that process. In my experience, the body-oriented approach, breath and energy work combine powerfully with modern talk therapy to move clients to states of realisations, releases, awakenings, resolutions and mastery. To evolve themselves, move to more authentic expression, break-through old patterning and conditioning and empower deeper levels of satisfaction and intimacy in their emotional and sexual lives.

At right is a list of some of the trainings I have completed in the past years. Many other teachers inform my work, including Richard Moss, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Diana Richardson, David Deida, John Maxwell Taylor, and Mantak Chia.

  • Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Institute of Somatic Sexology
  • Relationship & Sexuality Coach, Awakening Within Institute
  • Relational Life Therapy, Level 1,  Relational Life Institute
  • Esther Perel, Sessions member (on-line platform for couples therapists and educators)
  • Neuro-Emotional Pelvic Release Bodywork, John Bennati
  • ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioner Level 1, 2
    (Assistant at retreats/trainings)
  • Quodoshka: Shamanic Approach to Spiritual Sexuality Levels 1, 2
  • Urban Tantra, Professional Graduate – Barbara Carellas
  • Pelvic-Heart Integration Graduate – Dr Deborah Anapol
  • Tantric Intensive retreats – Shantam Nityama & Sasha Cobra
  • Tantric Blossoming Retreats – Martina Hughes
  • Tantra Is Love – workshops – Emma Power, Eyal Matsilah
  • Conscious Sensuality – workshops – Robert Silber
  • Mindfulness Meditation retreats, World Dharma’s Alan Clements,
  • Satori meditation retreat, Integral Being’s Avikal Costantino,
  • Vispassana meditation retreat
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Tehnique Training -Dolores Cannon
  • Psych-K Training – protocols for changing subconscious beliefs
  • John De Martini – Facilitator/Coach training
  • Quadrinity Process retreat – Hoffman Institute
  • Bachelor Arts (Hons) Economics, English Literature



  • We treat each other with mutual respect and courtesy
  • We both conduct ourselves in a professional manner
  • All client information is treated in strictest confidence
  • I do not answer private numbers
  • NO intercourse or oral sex is involved


  • Texting or emailing is fine, but I like to share a brief phone conversation before we meet
  • Try to book ahead to guarantee the time but I do accept appointments on the day if able
  • If I don’t manage to call back please try me again. Sometimes a call will fall through


  • Arrive showered OR I have showering facilities, toiletries, towels, for before & after, if required
  • Punctuality is appreciated – do not be early; if delayed or you need to cancel, please text as early as possible
  • Share with me any prior healing, treatment or tantric experiences
  • Ask questions regarding anything you are unsure about
  • Honour your health and mine


  • Therapy sessions are offered to men, women and couples
  • Typical session times are 1, 1.5, 2, 3, or 4 hour blocks
  • Sessions will be tailored to the individual’s requirements

I once asked a bird, how is it that you fly in this gravity of darkness? The bird responded, ‘Love lifts me.’      ~Hafiz~